My first Marathon

Last Sunday, at around this time, the start pistol went off and I headed towards a finish line more than 42 kilometres away. But first things first: The event took place in Ulm, a small city located at the river Danube. The city is famous for it’s Minster, which is measuring 161,5m, the tallest church […]

Succeeded !

Yesterday was delivery day. The first milestone on the way to my first marathon lays now behind me. On Saturday afternoon at exactly 4pm I started my first 23km hill run. This is not only my longest run so far, but also with the most ups and downs as the participants have to overcome 3 […]

Only one more week

Yes, there is only one week left. Next Saturday I’ll see how well it goes. Tomorrow I try to cook a simple vegan dish from one of my fellow bloggers. Curiosity rises to a high, my cooking skills are quite basic and I’m not sure how I cope with all “veg” meal. Anyway after training […]

Looks like I will hit rain

Does it matter? There is a huge advantage of running in the rain. It not only helps to control body temperature, it also makes it almost impossible for outsiders to detect how much you sweat. Anyway it doesn’t matter as I have to shower and change clothes. Yes, I enjoyed it and I was faster […]

Ups, I did it again

As yesterdays long turn was such a success (I didn’t feel any pain), I went for another slow run today. I have to admit I suffered from a lack of sleep (I should have really switched it off after the 1:0 lead) but that wasn’t serious enough to stop me from another try. The weather […]

Some people can’t run a Marathon?

I recently stumbled over an article about endurance running and genetics. Scientist found a number of genes, responsible for whether or not being able to run a marathon. There is even a test available to find out whether it’s worth to try it. You have to know, the weather today is terrible, cold, windy and […]

You run as you eat

How everyone’s  diet effects their daily performance. Nobody will seriously deny the influence of one’s diet to their personal performance, but what makes a perfect diet? In my opinion the answer is somehow hard or even impossible to find, so I weaken the question to “What is a good diet”. I think this is still […]