Should I stay or should I go?

Today I woke up with a bit of muscle ache, especially in the calves. I probably should do a bit of stretching and massaging after my runs. Anyway, to make it a bit less monotone I went for a bike trip today, and after lunch, the weather was still lovely, I decided to go for a swim. I have to tell you that I am very bad at swimming, so I gave in after 10 lanes. Currently I’m thinking of to call it a day for today but if is not that muggy tonight I am quite sure I will give it a chance later on. Somehow I am longing for a bit more pain. Why I’m doing that? I don’t know! I mentioned the 23km hilly run in exactly 4 weeks (you can still register and get a free T-shirt), but this is actually more of a milestones to my 2016 targets, as is the German sports badge. One of my lifelong dreams is to participate (and of course finish) a marathon. At a highly motivated moment around New Year I felt brave enough to make the decision to  register, and now there is ducking back. I haven’t done more than half  marathons so far, and have first hand experience what difference proper preparation makes. So I can imagine how painful it must be to do the whole distance unprepared.

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