You run as you eat

How everyone’s  diet effects their daily performance.

Nobody will seriously deny the influence of one’s diet to their personal performance, but what makes a perfect diet?

In my opinion the answer is somehow hard or even impossible to find, so I weaken the question to “What is a good diet”.

I think this is still a quite tricky question. Not only each individual varies with his needs, but also the tasks we have to fulfil have their share in how we eat. A bricklayer’s demand on nutrition differs from an accountant’s and a marathon runner is not comparable to a 1oom sprinter.

There is no excuse, it is a tricky topic but undoubtedly we have to balance what we eat and adapt to our needs but it is not rocket science.

So here are a few ideas from my experience:

  • make sure you drink enough, don’t make it  to complex, plain water does the job.
  • don’t overdue it with sugar and salt. I don’t ban either of them but it is really easy to consume more than you need.
  • fat is not (generally) bad, there are different forms of fat and some are less advantageous, but some highly beneficial nutrients are only liposoluble.
  • do neither under- nor overestimate the positive effects of fruits and vegetables. Try to add them to every meal you take and vary different kinds.
  • Protein is very important, sorry for all vegans but in my opinion it is almost impossible to cover an athlete’s demand on protein only on vegetables
  • Carbohydrates – that’s were the energy comes from. You certainly have to do your maths but energy is what your body runs on. If you try to run a triathlon on celery you will experience it the hard way.

Ups, you haven’t found the expected answer? Sorry, as I said it is not that easy, but feel encouraged, experiment a bit and always listen to your body. Do research, but be warned, there are not only some people but even a complete industries out, wanting to convince you that they have the best and only answer for you. That’s rubbish.

Your body is a wonderful machine, that can adapt to different situations. With a bit of care and maintenance you two will have a wonderful time together.



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