Ups, I did it again

As yesterdays long turn was such a success (I didn’t feel any pain), I went for another slow run today. I have to admit I suffered from a lack of sleep (I should have really switched it off after the 1:0 lead) but that wasn’t serious enough to stop me from another try. The weather was ‘better’, warm and sunny, intermittently too sunny but that didn’t bother me after I found my rhythm. What I did before watching the match yesterday was listening to a speech, held by Christopher McDougall (yes, the ‘born to run’ Chris). Referencing to the article about genetic issues I reported yesterday,  I bet that people affected, wouldn’t had a chance to grow old in (very) former days.

I think there is something going wrong, nowadays we taxi our children to school and take the car on every possible occasion, even for buying milk in the shop around the corner. At the same time we are discussing about obesity, heart desease, and traffic jam.

Sorry, I have to leave. Somebody has to do the housework.

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