Looks like I will hit rain

Does it matter? There is a huge advantage of running in the rain. It not only helps to control body temperature, it also makes it almost impossible for outsiders to detect how much you sweat. Anyway it doesn’t matter as I have to shower and change clothes.

Yes, I enjoyed it and I was faster than usual, partly because of the “cooling” effect, partly because of thunder rumbling in the distance. I’m not exactly yellow bellied but ending up barbecued was not on today’s agenda. There are still numerous ‘must dos’ on my wish list, but pushing daisies is what I have put to the very end. Even with the knowledge that humans ‘invented’ perspiring and improved it to perfection to run in warm conditions, I  opt for colder days when I have the choice.  That’s why I like running in Scotland or Ireland, it is rarely very hot and you often enjoy a light breeze on your face.

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