Only one more week

Yes, there is only one week left. Next Saturday I’ll see how well it goes. Tomorrow I try to cook a simple vegan dish from one of my fellow bloggers. Curiosity rises to a high, my cooking skills are quite basic and I’m not sure how I cope with all “veg” meal. Anyway after training in several weeks under cold and rainy conditions, chances are good that around the race day temperature are going to rise. Yeah, I don’t like running in the sun, I rather would choose a rainy windy day but I fear it is not under my control. If you want to join – hurry up.

My 10km run today was not to bad but I started at a quite high pace and I struggled to keep it up. I hope to be keep myself a bit better under control next week as there is a quite steep part after km 2 which usually separates the experienced from the hot blooded.

I wish you all a great weekend.


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