Succeeded !

Yesterday was delivery day. The first milestone on the way to my first marathon lays now behind me. On Saturday afternoon at exactly 4pm I started my first 23km hill run. This is not only my longest run so far, but also with the most ups and downs as the participants have to overcome 3 peaks of the Swabian Alps.

The day didn’t start very well. The result of ignoring my car for more than 6 weeks had led to a flat battery. Better its battery than mine I thought and started slightly delayed. I arrived an hour to early, exactly as scheduled and, after having gotten  my  racing bib, bought a delicious piece of chocolate cake. Yes, you are right, I was the only athlete having a big chunk of chocolate cake at that time, but I enjoyed it.

4:00 PM start signal. I was quite motivated, that was the first time I was using a monitoring device on my wrist and was pretty sure this will work to my advantage. With my tendency running to fast from start, I would certainly struggle to reach the finishing line and so I obeyed my pace carefully. After 2km the first climb was in sight. That was when I focussed on heart rate rather than pace.

After 10 km, clouds were forming up and there was a slight breeze, which was lovely but also alarming as the clouds darkened and the breeze turned into serious wind. At km 20, it started to rain, and I mean heavy rain, within seconds my cloth were soaked and my shoes filled with water. The headwind and the heavy rain made  it impossible to look forward but downwards and so it became a bit of a hassle to gain ground.

To sum it up, beside the weather at the last 3km it was a really great run. As I controlled my pace and heart rate at a reasonable level I never suffered or felt over-exhausted. My next run is in two weeks, it is only about 7km, so I will mainly focus on pace rather than endurance. We will see how this works.


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