Monday, day one of a 16 weeks battle

As I already mentioned, I am focussing for my first marathon this year. It takes place in Ulm, yes exactly the city with the tallest church. I have no idea what I have to expect, I mean the difference between a 10km and a half marathon was a big step, but doable. Thinking back to […]

Why I cycle to work since more than a decade

It was as Sunday evening in February more than 10 years ago when Angela, my current chancellor shared her idea how to reduce global warming. Her speech was broadcasted in the evening news and addressed to the nation. She sad that everyone has to contribute their share in reducing carbon emission. Without hesitation I replied […]

Sleep deprivation

Beside all odds, of course I opted for a run yesterday. I don’t want to boast around, it was only a 4 miler, hilly of course, but not too slow. But what I experienced these days was that you should also bear in mind to get enough sleep. I generally tend to make a bit […]

Should I stay or should I go?

Today I woke up with a bit of muscle ache, especially in the calves. I probably should do a bit of stretching and massaging after my runs. Anyway, to make it a bit less monotone I went for a bike trip today, and after lunch, the weather was still lovely, I decided to go for […]

Now it is becoming a routine

Today’s run was exactly of 10 km in length and as always a bit hilly. I got my newest gadget this afternoon and I took it with me. It measures collects all important data of my track and logs down time and heart rate while keeping me updated about my pace. Even I am getting […]

What am I going to do here

First I want to play around with this mighty platform. I was in programming when Z80 processors were at the cutting edge and beside some minor attempts I never touched base with blogging or social media. This is my 2016 attempt to change this to the better.

Yes, I did it again. I wouldn’t suggest to copy my idea, going for a run shortly after having a pizza is certainly not the best idea. However, after finding my rhythm I spontaneously decided to extend my track. It would be more fun with a running mate, but if I might keep my spirits […]